Wheeww! Hi everyone. I had a great weekend! How 'bout u guys?
Last Saturday I met up with my new kikay friend Alyssa and her boyfriend Mike. We had an awesome merienda at Trinoma. Shared make up stuff and many other things (including the awesome super cheap CDR-King Flash with Diffuser! Awesome!) haha. 

We are thinking about havin projects done together! Yehey! Fun! We were expecting another friend, Joey but she was sick she couldnt come. Awww.. :(

Since I was already at Landmark, and I was early, I looked into their brushes/cosmetics section. and look what I found:

This is my first brush set bag/holder hehe. My first set of brushes was from Elf i bought it online.  Here is where the brushes were laid:

This elf holder/bag originally has 15 pieces of brushes I guess. I got it for P1350 before. Aww. Got sad after I got it i found out that I can actually buy more than 20 pieces of brushes for the price.

So after buying other brushes from Marionnaud, Landmark,Elf and Paganini, the Elf bag obviously can't hold all of 'em anymore. It was really a coincidence that I found this big brush holder/bag last Sat. I got it for P199.00 yehey! Eureka!

I already transferred some of the brushes here! Im so happy. It looks more organized and professional now. My next dream is a big train case! (Please Lord. :))

I need to say something about these brushes. The Elf brushes have not failed me though, maybe because I also take good care of them and give them a good wash everytime. But there's one local brand of shader brushes that I so like and have been usin for months now. It is the, I guess, under rated Paganini brushes.

These are small brushes, but the bristles are soft and nice to use for blending. Among the brushes i use for blending are these and my Ecotools eye brush sets which I also bought online in my search for eye shader/blending brushes.

These Paganini brushes at I guess usually available at Landmark, I have not seen these in Watson's. They cost only P29.00, cheap but great quality! :) Alyssa also got her first two last Sat.

My Sundays are usually dedicated to rest, family and church. Last Sunday, we had a blast at leading the praise and worship. The Lord's message for the team was BREAKTHROUGH. Everyone needs a breakthrough in their lives, may it be financially, with their jobs, with their activities,  especially in the depth of our spiritual life, that is our relationship with our God.

We were also privileged to be visited by our brothers and sisters from Holland. They are the "Blessings" Church. They went to the country to share the word and hold crusades in the provinces, one of which is Mindoro. Before they leave, they visited our church at Lagro and led us into worship. These guys are anointed! Very great musical gift used entirely for God's purpose. Indeed our church has been blessed.

Me and my brother with Simon and Joca (i forgot his name) :)

Surely, twas an amazing experience! Many people also gave their lives to Jesus last night. Twas a great sight to see.

John 3:16

 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.



  1. Good thing my photos of you and Alyssa came out well.

  2. yes sir! hehe. thank you! see u soon? how's ur flash doin? working great? inggit hehe la ko cam.

  3. I can't wait to see your project! Btw, i also lve the Paganini angled eye shadow brush :)

  4. hey janah! yeys! i plan to collect paganini brushes they're very useful. :)

    The project,we're still cookin it, hasnt even simmered yet haha. :))) thanks to you guys alyssa and I got to know each other :))

    have a blessed day! will feature some brushes I use.


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