hey i got a new crush!

I'm normal now, (yeah just now!)
This is Ryan Confidero, a Filipino livin in the States and a member of QuestCrew.
I was watching their performances over youtube and i guess he's the cutest (eww did i just say that word??) but anyway, yeah I like him.

Thanks to Dominic (D-trix) i meant thanks Ryan Higa for makin me subscribe to Dom's channel and find out that they're QuestCrew members. Yey  for Filipinos shinin internationally.



  1. SYTYCD Alum...I did not now he's a Filipino. Geez. Pinoys are invading that show. :)

  2. He is! he so looks like a pinoy! haha. Oo nga eh puro pure and half pinoys and asians!
    Galing ng questcrew. fave ko sila ever!
    Hey ronron, follow my blog hahahaha!


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