Good day everyone! I've a bit of extra time these days, Im so happy I can keep on featuring stuff for you!

So this is the second  installment of this BRUSH SERIES. I basically just feature brushes here that I've been usin and that work, worked for me, usin them on myself and on other people.

Today I'm featuring the first set of brushes that I have and currently the only complete brush set I got, the Elf Studio Brush Set. It has a total of 11 brushes and a brush bag.

I got this a year ago, bought it online through for I guess P1,250.

These brushes are also very much raved about in other countries such as the  States where they have been initially available. Here in Manila, though, SM Makati Watson's is already selling some of these brushes for P250-ish each. Imagine that! Pricey! When I bought the set, I was already researching about brushes I could buy but the bad thing was, the researches I did were all biased for people, MUAs in the States. I wasn't able to read a lot of reviews and even watch Youtube videos, which featured local brushes. I was quite disappointed. So I found this one out, and I grabbed it. :)

What I love about these brushes:

  • I love the bristles because they are soft and they never poke your skin. A few hairs fall when you wash them but not as much, they stay firm and in shape. (well that's actually dependin on how you take care of your brushes or how u let them dry,things like that :)).
  • The length of each brush is just right. It doesn't feel awkward when you hold it and especially when you use it on clients. Even the thickness. Because there are brushes out there that just don't fit your hands right. It's either they're too big, long or too short. The ELF ones are nice.
  • Regarding usability, Ive basically already used everything for different purposes (i mean not just as what is written in there as their purpose). 
  • They're easy to wash, too.
  • Though the bristles are black, they never leave or have stains. My friend Alyssa told me that she had an encounter with a brush which has black bristles and they left black stains on wherever she used the brush on. That's disgustin, right?? 

Here are the actual brushes:

I use the Small Angled Brush for gel liners. A few times I used it for defining brows. The bristles are stiff, but a bit thicker in volume. I know of some angled brushes that are thinner in volume. 

The Angled Foundation brush is good for Liquid foundations. I just find that they create small streaky strokes,
though with lighter, shorter strokes they work well. I have not  been usin this that much though
because I always use my Graftobian Creme foundations. 

This Blush brush is one of my favorites in the set. The size is just right to place blushes on the apples of the cheeks. The angled cuts on the sides make it nice to kind of blend and contour the rest of the blush upwards.

I'm actually not a fan yet of super huge brushes to powder the face. This complexion brush is wide enough to powder the face. It's a bit flatter than a, say, Kabuki brush. the wider sides are flatter, it's not as fluffy as the kabuki ones. I like this one too. 

This concealer brush can also be used to pack eyelids with loose pigments or eye shadows. I actually use it more on those purposes. :) I just guess that buffing in a cream or liquid concealer under the eyes will be easier with a fluffier brush. This brush is small, I use it to apply concealer on my brow bone and above it to tidy up  my brows. 

This Contour brush is the blending brush of the set. It works well for small creases. (I actually hate the fact that it's small) :(

I don't like usin this C brush. It doesn't work well as an eyeshadow shader brush. Maybe to pack on products on the eyelids, better.

This is the second lamest brush in the set. No use at all. Too thin, can't even pick up powder products or sweep excess fall outs under the eyes. Sad. 

I also like this brush! I use them to buff say, pressed powder on the skin. In some reviews, they use this to buff liquid foundations on the skin. It kind of works like a stippling brush for them. But heck it's too thick for that job! It eats up a lot of the product. such a waste. 

I use this brush as a lip brush often.

This one's super small. You can use it for lining the eyes with the gel liner and you get precise lines. It's too small to be used as a lip brush. 

There you go. Honest opinions about these brushes. If im to rate them, hmm in terms of performance, 8 out of 10. In terms of price, haha, I'm sure there are already nice brushes that you can purchase locally. I found out about them after buying this brushes. :( 

They're helpful though. I still use them. And will continue using them. Though every MUA needs a lot of brushes and will keep on updating their brush kits, this set is worth keeping. :)

Proverbs 31:30 (KJV)

"Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain:
                              but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised."


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