Heyla! Im back with a hair product feature today! I have been wanting to post this but it's just now that I get the chance. 

I have rebonded hair now, for 5 months now and ever since I had it rebonded, I have been in search of products that would help my hair look smoother and tame. As you know, having rebonded hair can be a pain sometimes, right girls? Mine gets dull and dry if shampooed with conditioner alone. 

But thanks to SHINE MOIST KERATIN Treatment, it helps a lot in taming my hair! I got my first Shine Moist products way back 2011 from David's Salon when I had my first crop. i didnt make it a staple because i thought it was just good for treatments. I bought a couple more throughout the years and it's just recent that I got to bump into it again.

I had sachets before which was P100 each at David's and used them as hair mask / hot oil treatment. I had other variants before which I didnt like, the ones that have beads and are in a blue packaging. In my recent trip to Landmark Makati, I saw the new variant, this purple variant in sachet. I got one since I thought my hair needed a treat cos it was limp and dry. I used it as conditioner and voila! My hair was tamed and not frizzy or anything the whole day.

After finishing the sachet, which by the way could last up to 2 weeks even when used as a daily conditioner, I felt like buying the big jar. I got this at Robinsons Dept Store Galleria at P289.00. Great product for a great price! It's 500ml, and Ive been using it for I think a month now, and it hasnt even reached half. I use it now as a daily conditioner.

This variant doesnt have the musky guy smell unlike the blue variant or the older variants I can say. Its got a light scent, a hair product scent hehe I dont know how to describe it but it's just really a little.

I can scoop a teaspoon of it and it's already good for my hair. 

Try this one out as a hair mask, as a hot oil treatment or as your daily conditioner. It doesnt make my hair oil up as much din at the end of the day!

TIP: Once a week, use this as a treat with a clarifying shampoo to cleanse and moisturize your hair!

God bless you!


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