Happy Tuesday everyone! I bought a few products yesterday, (some cheap ones)  haha and here they are:

Asian Secrets

I've been lovin this product! My sis and I have just finished our first (bottle?container?) and we seriously love it! Love the smell, love how it makes my skin feel soft. Tip: Im not sure if this will be good for u but I use a bit of it on my face too. The light scrub takes away not only dirt, but dead skin. It makes my skin glow. I also use this on my armpits. This scrub smells so nice. I just found out that it's got 2 new (at least they're new to me!) variations: the mulberry and the seaweed one. I got the seaweed one for P130.00 at Watson's.

EBilena Matte Lipsticks

Alright, many Filipinas have already been ravin about this product, I believe im kind of a late bloomer or a noob for these lippies! Ive been wanting to try em out. So finally yesterday i bought two nude shades- Mauvey and Mirrored Mocha . They are nice!

swatch without flash

swatch with flash
The darker shade is the Mirrored Mocha and the lighter pinkish one is the Mauvey. I like the mauvey better, i guess it's good for everyday make up.

One time I came across a blog, and it featured this San San Matte Liquid Foundation. I got interested because I saw her pics and I thought it wouldnt surprise me, but lookin at the effect on her face, I actually thought it was good.

So I went to HBC and found it, it's only for P132.00. I tried it on and it stayed put for 5 hours. My sister was like "What' on your face?" haha. She thought I looked fresh.

I couldn't take a picture of the swatch or how it looked on me, I'll just do a separate review on it. I plan to use this product throughout the week and judge base on its performance. I got mine on 03, which is a darker shade. They got 4 shades, two super light yellowish shades and one bricky brown-ish haha shade.

I might do a tutorial using this product,soon!

God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever! :)


  1. Wow, Asian Lulur has a new package design. I still have the original one. I bought months ago! LOL. I don't know how it lasted this long. I love Mauvey and Mirrored Mocha. I have been using the latter so much this month. It flatters my skin tone kasi and medyo Fall-ish CHOS!

  2. yes janah was surprised nga eh kala ko wala na ung original na green packaging. but it still is available. this one smells nice too! sarap every time i take a bath the smell stays :)

    I love these tones. I cant wear red lippies kasi haha i feel like they make my lips pout so much hindi ata bagay. im really into subtle nude colors lang. :) fall is in season na (in other countries haha) sa YT nga puro fall looks eh no?

    thanks for commentin! IMY!


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