Hey everyone! My last blog included some of my brushes and the brush bag i recently got. So i decided to create a series about brushes because they're that important!  Haha. I don't own a lot of brushes yet and yes, i am still on a journey (that never stops) on purchasing and trying out more brushes.

We might not be so lucky to have Sigma brushes, Louise Young brushes, among others which are used by make up artists abroad, here in Manila but we got access through online sellers only sometimes almost double the price. Also we got MAC stores, here and other high end brands which sell pricey brushes. Again, i don't own any of those high end brushes though I wish to have 'em in my startin little kit.

So, today I'd want to feature the brush sets that I have in my kit and which Ive been using for a year now, almost. Today Id like to highlight my ECOTOOLS brushes. I got the ones for the eyes:

Each set actually just has 5 pieces of cute, ECO-FRIENDLY brushes. I love this about the brand.
It comes in this packaging:

These five brushes include a Blend brush, Highlight brush,Crease brush, Shade brush and Smudge brush (respectively).

What I love about them:

  •  The bristles are soft. They're natural bristles i just can't find how they call these bristles. 
  • With right care, the bristles may get softer. It's like our hair, naturally, if u use harsh and strong chemicals on it, it's gonna go dry and lifeless. I found the bristles of these brushes to act the same. 
  • TIP: I use a bit of olive oil to clean them up, so they stay soft. But not greasy...
  • I love the handles. I love the feel of these brushes! They look very earth-friendly,right?
I don't care about the size, though. These sets are I guess are the travel packs I got. So they're all cute, aren't they?

ECOTOOLS is from Paris. When you buy, they donate a certain portion of it to an organization called For The Planet. You may check out:

I got this brushes from an online store: They also have an FB account: sarahpotpot Online store. I remember I got each set for only P550. They still sell it for the same price now.

There you are! These brushes are really nice and useful. Buy them now! haha. If u got a chance to buy them why not. Don't fret or think twice. I thank God I found these brushes! :)

Check out my upcoming blog about the ELF brush set, I'll feature them next. :)

 Glory to God. 

1 Corinthians 10:31

 31 So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.


  1. wow! those are nice brushes! I want din! :p

  2. OMG you got them for cheap. I waaant :o

  3. IKR???? You may look the shop up sa FB i know they always got new stocks!!! Go! :) Have a great day friends!

  4. ate how's the angle brush? can i use it in my eyebrows? yung ginagamit ko kasi stiff e, not soft like yours. -kerra

  5. @android khy: these are actually eyeshadow brushes :0 for eyebrows you should really use the stiff one. :)


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