Yummy colors, right?? These are Sleek's Matte Me Lip Creme. They are obviously, matte, and very pigmented! Something you'll love, either you are a makeup artist or just a normal girl who uses makeup.

Okay! What I love about these:

  • They last long! even after drinking or eating
  • Stains on the lips
  • Matte but not drying
  • Very pigmented
  • Colors can be mixed to create other colors
  • Does not wipe out even when glossed on top
It's priced at P450 each, which I guess is affordable enough for a product that works! I got them at The Ramp Makati.

I was actually thinking about buying the Sleek Paint Pouts which are priced P495 each which are slightly more pricey. Many bloggers said that they're comparable to the OCC Lip Tars. But I did swatch them at the back of my hand and I noticed that the Pout Paints came off quicker than the Matte Me stains.  And the stains that the Matte Me left were stronger in color than the Pout Paints when I wiped them off with tissue. So I guess the staining power of the Matte Me impressed me. I also tried the Paint Pouts on my lips and I was saddened that they didnt last long, they chapped on me lips and I totally didnt like it. (My lips, by the way, are not the best lips to try lipsticks on because they're crazy haha but Matte Me works incredibly great on my weird lips!)

These dry a bit quickly so better be fast when using them, especially when mixing them together, cos they might already dry out before you can use them on your lips!

in Fandango Purple

in Rioja Red

in Petal
 Some swatches:

I first used this on my bride and bridesmaids this month and they absolutely loved the stains bec they lasted for long hours!

I used Petal on her. Looks so neutral with a lil hint of pink. 

I used Rioja Red

for the Bridesmaids I used Petal as a base and added a lil bit of Flamingo Purple to make them look more pink.

I totally would buy the other shades available! Will definitely repurchase!

God bless you!


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