After posting lip products by Sleek and Kryolan, I wonder if you're gonna be interested about lip liners.
I own a few drugstore or affordable lip liners as of the moment. Are you a lip liner user like me?

I mentioned in my last post about Sleek that my lips are weird and crazy! because of that, Im not really a lipstick person. I wear lipstick and will get dismayed after a few. I more prefer using lipliners because they work better for me on my lips, they stay and they dont make the lips chap or look like weird! ;)

Lip liners are essential also for makeup artists in their kits. I guess it's really needed even if  you're not a MUA. There are tons of lip liners out in the market, drugstore or high-end. Usually, the drugstore lip liners are priced from P80.00 to P150.00 which is so affordable,right?

I've found other lip liners at SM Dept Stores which are priced P250 i guess and I havent bought any of them. I dont own high end lip liners. Just because I cant afford and I guess these are one of the few things that work even if they're on the cheaper end.

Okay here are some of them that Ive tried and I use:

Left to Right:
1) Wet 'n Wild "Berry Red/Rouge Brique" - P119.00
2) Wet 'n Wild "Willow/Prele "
3) Flormar Waterproof in #219 - P129.00
4)Essence in "Hot Chocolate" - P79.00
5) Nichido in "Blaze" - not sure if P100.00

I wasnt able to include it here but I got as a gift a Nyx lipliner in Pumpkin which is an iridescent orange shade. Nyx's are P150 each at Digital Traincase.

I love the Wet n'Wild Lipliners the most because of the color payoff and the consistency. It's not too hard and not too waxy. It smells like lipstick or wax sometimes but not irritating though. I love the Willow the most. It's nude talaga but with a hint of orangey brown color. I also like the fact that they're longer! Usually the sizes of lipliners are short.

Second is the Flormar waterproof one. If you put a decent amount, the color's light and nice. But if you build it up, it'll be more pink. The texture's also almost like the Wet n' Wild one.

Nichido is the hardest lipliner pencil I've tried. It's really almost like a pencil. It doesnt glide on easily. You really need to put some work into it haha.

The softest is the Essence liner. I guess it'll bleed on your lips in a while.

TIP: Lipliners can be used as it is, or as a prep/base for lipstick. Aside from "lining" the sides of the lips, they can be used on the entire lips for extra color.
If your lips tend to dry out and crack, make sure you use a chapstick or a balm first as the lipliner can make it drier.
Top the lipliner with a gloss for a "lipstick" effect!

Just for fun I swatched some of them on my lips: on top from left is Willow and Nichido's Blaze.
on the lower lip from left is Pumpkin from Nyx and Flormar's 219.

a cray cray pic! :)

God bless you!


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