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Heyla! I just wanna point out one thing before I proceed: I don't have perfect skin, clear skin whatsoever! I'm just happy now that I don't have acne anymore which I battled with for over a year! And also, (I thought only one thing? haha) I am not a guru or anything with regards to skin care. I just wanna share the stuff I'm using which works for me. You may wanna try them out but what works for me may not work for you. :)

Hurray it's Friday! Today I just wanna share what I've been using for a while now and what have helped me achieve better skin (I guess better after acne and all). I dont splurge and spend on expensive brands, but I don't usually buy, I guess we could call them 'drugstore' brands, as many bloggers would use as a term for products locally advertised and are easily available at Watson's and other drugstores.

My theory when it comes to skincare is this, since I have sensitive, oily/combination skin, everything about skin should be mild, not perfumed or scented strongly or as I wanna call it, not too chemicalised (my own term :) ). I mean, I dont know how I'd call my skin type (overall) but it's just sensitive to scents, to flavors, to strong chemicals and easily reacts. It's not that Im maarte it's just that I see and feel effects which are like itchiness, redness, flaky skin, odor, yes, and a lot more.

So what I do is that I go to bloggers that I think would have the same skin type and problems as I do, and take their word for products they review and use. Here are the products Ive been using:

Human Nature Balancing face Toner, Dickinson's Witchhazel, Human Nature Soap, Nivea Baby Smoothly Cream, Effaclar Duo, THEFACESHOP's CC Cream and Nose strip.

For toning, I used to use Dickinson's Witchhazel a lot. I used up 2 bottles. But I learned that it has a bit of alcohol,which many say that it's not good for the skin. In the long run it'll help skin age faster.
I have been trying this Elemi&Orange Balancing FaceToner from Human nature for 2-3 weeks now and I can say it works better than Witchhazel. It's for oily/Combi skin but it doesn't dry out the skin. It actually aids in moisturizing the skin. 
Got the Witchhazel from Purbeauty (Trinoma or Serendra) for around P300+. 

I use a mixture of Witchhazel and a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil as makeup remover. DIY right here!

To cleanse,  I use the Human Nature Bar Soap which is fragrance free. For a long time, like more than a year, I used the Acne-aid bar. I started using it when I started having acne around the -ber months of 2012. 
But I noticed that it didnt really help me out in removing the blemishes and some stubborn acne. Those which keep on growing out on the same spots? Err gawd I hate them! So i though about stopping usin it and switch to another fragrance-free soap or cleanser. I heard great reviews about this HN Bar so I started using it and I loved it since the first time I used it! 
It moisturizes as well as cleanses thoroughly but gently. P64 each. got this from the reseller at Standard Chartered BLDG, Ayala Ave.

LaRoche Posay Effaclar Duo. I heard reviews about this over Youtube. And many swear by this product.
I have blemishes, discoloration and small zits on my face, large pores, so I thought maybe I need at least a product that would work on all those problems. When I heard about this, I actually thought this is it! I searched online and I found this at DigitalTraincase which sell a lot of products from the UK and the USA. 
I have been using this product since September 8 (yes I remember) and I can say that it works, but not quite quicker than I thought it would. The bloggers say that they have seen results after 5 days or a week but in my case I was a bit disappointed at first. It has been more than a month now and i think it's just now that Im seeing results.

  • Pores have become a tighter
  • Smooths skin
  • Lightens skin
  • Takes away discoloration
  • Works best in drying out zits
  • I havent seen it best for blemishes but definitely lessened them
Overall, I think Im keeping this one as a part of my routine. I think it just takes a bit more time, and partnered with the right products, it works naman. I plan on making a separate post about Effaclar Duo because I took photos from the first time i used it..I'll  need to look for them tho ;)

Price: P1,100 (as far as I can remember) from Digital Traincase.

Moisturizer: Since I started using the Effaclar DUO, I thought I dont really have to use moisturizer more often than before. I used up 2-3 bottles of The Face Shop's EcoTherapy's moisturizer and I can say it's the best, but very pricey. :(
Then I bumped into BlessmyBag.com and I read about the Nivea Smoothly Cream. Being a product for kids, I thought that this is mild and gentle on the skin. I use this on my face and body. However, I had small zits and I found my skin becoming greasy. I tend to use this at night as a night moisturizer. 
If I need to, because I have some dry patches especially on my chin and around the mouth, I use a lil bit of this.
Price: P169.00 at Watson's

Products Ive been using from The Face Shop: CC Cream samples and the Volcanic Clay Aloe Nose Strips.

CC Cream: it's skincare + makeup in one! Ive used BB Creams before and Im happy with TFS's BB Cream. I found this new product called CC Cream and I got the testers from my Korean friend who sells TFS's products. I love this! Unlike BB Creams, this is a color control cream which I guess blends out well on any skin tone. It also acts as my moisturizer and sunscreen. Lasts the whole day too! 

The nose strips, I use on my nose to get rid of whiteheads. I don't usually have blackheads because I always use pore strips to strip off whiteheads that might worsen to blackheads overtime. This one really works! As in! :) 

If you want to get TFS and other products for less, check out Annyeong Spring79 on Facebook.

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Alright! A long blog it is! Haha. See? I don't use a lot of products and I guess these few already works. Though I read a lot about new products and all that, I cant afford to buy all of them haha and try them out. Also, I usually stick to routines that work for me. :) 


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God be blessed!


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