Alright! Brows! Everyone's so into great looking brows these days. I think we owe it to the world of Youtube. Haha. Brow tutorials everywhere in YT! Anyhow, brows kasi are most important as they say, because it 'frames the face'. Meaning it really helps in giving proportion to how we look. :)

I personally didn't  groom my brows before. I think it was just in 2010 when I got into makeup when I really started giving my brows the treatment they deserve! haha. So I started with brow pencils, then I found out about brow powders which I have been using as well for the longest time, and retractables and stuff.
Since last year, the taupe-light brown shades have been so in for brows! Then came thick but polished brows, oh how i love them!

My personal choice has always been the brow powders because they look so natural on the brows. I'm not a fan of drawn browns, or very prominent brows. I want my brows to look as natural as they can also because I have dark hairs on each.

My style is always to follow the original shape of the brows. If you look closely, the brows have a naturally nice arch, and a form which we really dont need to do away with. I think many just try to copy other's brows so they end up getting frustrated with their own, not having the arc or shape that others have. I personally thought that my brows cant be groomed nicely and that I didnt have a nice shape to them and all that but when I studied my brows carefully and overtime, I got used to its original shape which I love now.

I have been into different brow shapes before I finally got into my present brows shape. I have tried arched or rounded, pointy ends and all. i can say that the best way to get nice brows is always to have a groomed brows. I mean if the hairs dont stray, you can always make brows stand out. Easy to shape brows are the ones which have tame hairs.

I just use a razor shall we say or a simple blade (sounds scary?) and I got used to doin my own brows.

I tweeze some stray, growing hairs and cut the overgrown ones with a tiny pair of scissors.

Brow product today: MAC EYE BROWS IN LINGERING

The product looks like this:

It's a retractable pencil, with a tiny slim packaging. The lead itself is thin and tiny which is great! 

SHADE: Lingering is a yellowish brown shade at first, but I guess the shade changes a bit once they touch your skin and blends. 

I personally tend to be acidic, I notice that most makeup tend to oxidize or darken in shade on my skin. A bugger right? SO here is a swatch on my hand:

Brown it is right? Here it is on my eyebrows:

On my brows it doesn't seem to be taupey or yellowish. It's just brown. In actuality, it looks a little gray brown on my brows. 

NOTE: I put this on very lightly: light strokes. Not really pushin or drawin it on the skin too hard.

I though about using a brow mascara: my trustee Jazzy brow gel which many say it is a dupe for Mac Girlboy. Here it is:

So , here my brows with mascara:

Looks better! My hair's actually brown at the moment so Lingering and the mascara works so well together.


You may ask how much it is! Haha. I had this one bought for me by my friend who visited SG recently. I had somebody buy me stuff there before which are less pricey than Manila's. But I was surprised that this was for 29 Sing dollars which totalled P1,015. I was surprised. haha. Nonetheless, I heard this is around P950 here in Manila. Oh well.


 I have yet to have a final say about this, to me it's a nice shade. I took Rae Ventura's advise (she's a MUA also) to get Lingering esp for brides bec it's easy to use and the shade fits most Filipinas.

Of course price wise, not too wise I say hehe but it's Mac. Whatev! Right? Pricey talaga. 

I think this shade will work best on women who do not have a lot of hairs on their brows which tend to darken the color. You need a brow mascara to enhance it the shade and keep the hairs in place. 
Color payoff of course is very nice and you dont need to use a lot of it.

I dont know how long this will last, but Im using it for clients so it stays in my kit. Maybe a lil longer since that wont mean everyday. 


There are other brow products I wanna feature which have worked for me so please do stand by for those. 

God bless and I hope you enjoyed this feature!


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