I'm sure YOUTUBE.COM is part of your daily internet surfing. Youtube is a different world! I mean virtually it is a community, and millions of people connect to millions more through Youtube.
I find it really fun that people try a to create signature videos to hit millions of subs or millions of views. There are make up gurus, bands, magicians,funny movie-makers,singers,all of it u name it!

But what I appreciate the most  is the accessibility to music. I am a singer,too. I really appreciate people making music, producing their own songs. And I am fascinated by singers who has made it to Youtube successfully. Plus, i am in love with their music, may it be indie-sounding,or R&B or just whatever type it is I feel they're very pure, because technically they're not commercialized.

I'd proudly brag (present?) in this entry, some Asians especially our very own pride,Filipino Youtube singers/musicians whom I so love and follow.

1. My number one YT singer is JEREMYPASSION! he is a music producer songwriter,composer and singer, and he's been doing it for 9 years. He's from San Francisco, California but he's pure Pinoy. His real name is Jeremy Manongdo. He's a Christian! :)
Style: R&B

2. JRA (JRAquinomusic). Filipino Singer Songwriter from Alaska but he's in NV now.

3. AJ RAFAEL. He is very talented as well. He already has an album! :) Pinoy na pinoy!

4. Gabe Bondoc  (gabebondoc). He is a singer-songwriter-guitarist from the US as well but he is a proud Pinoy.I Love Gabe because he sounds like John Mayer and Mraz. His songs are really nice and  very feel-good!

5.  LEEJAY ABUCAYAN (leejaybeats). Oh Leejay! He is a very funny guy! He goes with the other Pinoy singers because he provides the background percussions (from his mouth! haha). he is a beatboxer. he's from Sacramento CA but  pure Pinoy, too.
STYLE: beatboxer-comedian haha

 6. JESSE BARRERA (jessebarrera). Singer/songwriter/producer. Very great artists, his songs are also feel-good happy songs. He has this fun tune to it so i like him. (i mean his songs!)


1. KINA GRANIS.  Well I thought she was half Pinay but she isnt, she is partly Japanese.

2. DAVID CHOI.  David makes acoustic feel good love songs which are great too. Look at his lips! they're so small! :) LOL

3.  CATHY NGUYEN. As her name suggests, I think she's Vietnamese  (Nguyen's so typical in Vietnam).

4. ANDREW GARCIA. He was from Amerian Idol. His wife is a Filipina. And he obviously loves the company of Filipino singers. He always hangs out with them and make songs with them too.

5. JAYESSLEE. How i love these twins! They're from Australia, they're Koreans. I love how they incorporate their faith in what they do.

There! I listen to them because they're pure,their very free spirited and what not,they're musicians.. I totally would wanna do something crazy like this. But Ive no means yet. Why not? Maybe soon we just dont know. :) Haha.


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