big day @ FERNBROOK

Last Sunday, we worked on a wedding photo coverage at Fernbrook! Amazing, ang ganda ng place!

*photos from the net

So I worked with Topshots as the on site photo montage editor of the biggie chinese clients, Hefner and Jane! This is my third time being dragged into the group by Tope Crisostomo, the group head and founder of Topshots Photography.

Sadly, I wasn't able to take my own pictures for I was busy the whole day! Pressure kung pressure! It felt like I had to rush finishing the montage. Sabi kasi ni Tops na we should come ahead of time, ahead din from the video producers in terms of output! By the way, the team was me,Tops,Ven Manayan and a new friend Ate Emsi. Everyone was pressured. 500 guests wow! 50 tables!

We went to Bellevue Hotel Manila for the prep shoot. We (honestly I was haha) were taking it lightly, no much pressure yet. (I was also watching  make up artist Donald as he did the bride's and the entourage's make up! weee!) I got a few photo drops from them so i started editing right away. Syempre, effort editing yun! (BTW  i got a good job naman from the head haha! Praise God!) THEN..the photos kept coming in. Pressure rises! haha. (Take note I was using a Mac, Im ok with Mac naman but still navigation took extra on my working timeline).


                   - I didn't know how I could switch from the laptop's Mac OS to its windows parallel. (i know! how noob sa Mac! haha.) tapos turo ni Tops to just slide your 4 fingers up and down sa pad..un lang pala!haha

                   - I was trying to work on getting the files from the Mac desktop and import it to the parallel. I kept looking but I just ended up with copying photos from SD cards to the MacOS then to a USB then to the folders in the parallel. There must be a way! but yes, I worked on it with this routine the whole day! :(( Tell me how please!

When we got to Fernbrook I had to find a place to stay to edit. It's a big place! Good thing there are sockets to plug the laptop in to charge. 


OH! Do you listen to RX93.1 every morning! (please say yes!) It was Chico Garcia who was hosting (with Sarah, not Delamar!)... I listen to Chico and Del but apparently, Del has been missing the show, she's  preggy! ( from Sir Lawrence of Frame UP LCDs. He's an avid listener! He told me that as of now Chico's still partnered with Gino... Awww..I suddenly missed Del. :(

                    by the way I found CHico Garcia's blog :

Everything was going okay, then Ven told me, "Jops 30mins na lang." I was like palpitating! I was like, "I though more photos pa from you guys??" So off I went editing as fast as I could. When I finally finished, this was the second hurdle: THE MPEG FILE WAS NOT PLAYING! 
Actually it happened already to Tope's prenup vid which was shown earlier then. It played when I got my laptop sent inside to use KMplayer instead or VLC. It worked. But when it was already my turn, JINX! even my KMplayer hung up on me, and the VLC was all of a sudden not working too. Oh well!! MEOW!

The emcees were kind of rushing already at the time. I felt we were saved! :) (But I felt like Tops was disappointed huhu)

The party finished at 10:30. It was the time for my second meal for the entire day! whew at last! :) But i guess when ure pressured u wont feel that u need to feed urself or even pee! Right? Amazing! haha. Me and Ate Jeca of Ford Videos ate together, the rest, nag iinuman na! Party at the small bar at the corner sila.

Overall, good job for me because I was able to finish the montage and we were able to give the CD on the day. If not, they might withdraw the payment for the on site slideshow,that'll be so sad. As I was doing my job, I just thought that it is tough to really do something big, like this, I've never done on site editing. There was pressure, but as I did my job, I was praying and glorifying God. He told me "I gave you the skill, all u gotta do is do it and I'll be backing you up."

Yey! Looking forward to my wedding, este the next wedding gig pala! Haha. :))) God bless us more!!


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