Starworld Philippines (a channel i dont watch because we dont have cable subscription hehe) has recently launched the MY SUPERWOMAN PROMO. What happens is that someone has to nominate you to join the contest. The question was "Who is your superwoman?" and I guess they included "Why?".

In short a good friend of mine from Marinduque thought of joining me in the promo. She said she just sent an email. And here is her entry (which i got to read the day after we shot the promo reel):

She said we won because of the smiley at the end of her message.

Oftentimes i think about my superwoman friend who works in her day job and tutoring her Korean students in the evening eventually dragging her feet home every night. I admire how she remained strong for her siblings since her parents marriage was on the rocks. I don't know how she does it but i don't think she misses a single church service they have. And now, i just wish her to be pampered even for a day and to have more bonding moments with her sibs. She deserves it. Thank You... :)

So I guess it was June 27th when somebody called me up telling me i won a promo from Starworld. I couldnt remember if i actually joined any, well obviously I dont even half time to watch TV  anymore.
I suddenly remember what Revs told me before over YM. She was telling me about a contest she nominated me for blah blah.. Okay. I won. (AFTER 5 SECONDS...)

OMGosh, I won a contest? This must be fake! haha!So i called Revs, she wasnt picking up. Then I got another phone call from Starworld telling me that on the 30th, we'll do the mock shoot. Like we're gonna experience a little bit of the prizes: THE SPA, CREATIONS SALON by LOURD RAMOS, M(PHOSIS), DINNER AT REALSHIP YACHT, DIAMOND HOTEL. Wow blessing ito! :)

So Revs flew from marinduque to Manila for the shoot. We thought we'll experience everything but it was just a mock shoot. We were goin places for one day! It was tiring but it was fun as well. Met 2 new friends, my fellow winners, Dreena Gonzales and Kate Sanchez. Very pretty superwomen!

So yeah, family dinner at the pier! But unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs. We couldnt use the yacht. awww. :( We'll just use them for later. Maybe on Georgette's bday!

Overall, it was really fun, winning something like this for the first time. THanks to Revs!


Me, Kate and Tita Dreena

at Barre3

*mock* Foot spa at The Spa

love the room!

with Revs the culprit hehe

I just had buttocks (botox) haha! kidding!

at the diamond Hotel. Tita Dreena has been busy preparing for her  lecture the whole day!

dinner at Realship

Mphosis Greenbelt. Pricey ang stuff here haha!

freebies and loot bags! love the free stuff!


  1. Now that's why you looked fabulously different last saturday night jopsters~!


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