Ellai's Adventure Time Debut

April 5,2013

Adventure time party with Ellai Dayandante! It was a surprise debut party we prepared for her. She's my Dongsaeng (younger sister) as I call her but really she's my girl friend's cousin, a very dear family to me.

We prepared her party to be Adventure Time themed and we enjoyed every part of it! I doodled on a recycled tarpaulin a 5x7feet tarp doodle for out photo booth:

All photo credits to Jerome Viray.

This was so much fun! Took me less than an hour. I used a pilot big fat marker hehe!

And of course the team made this:

Looks like a theatrical stage huh? It's the team's design for Princess Bubblegum's throne. Pretty cute huh?

So everyone decorated the whole sanctuary and it was really colorful!

Anyway. Came "the day" and we did suprise Ellai. Her gown was made by my brother. So pretty! Unfortunately she got fat. Yey for her! SO the dress didnt fit her torso. My bro did a great job still!
We did her surprise makeover!

We even died her hair pink with a washable hair color spray :)

Here are other photos:

Cute cake by Juvy Valle!

I was playing Fionna by the way! Kudos to this team of Young Adults :P


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