Hey! I'll talk about my moisturizer today. Honestly this is the only daily regimen I use, I mean I'm not a toner-moisturizer-serum-night cream-eye cream routine fan haha! Because my skin's very reactive and shall I say sensitive and acne prone. So i don't really believe in putting a lot of those on me every single day. Anywho!

I don't really have a very tedious daily routine. To be honest, I have just built my facial routine last year, when I found the products that would work for me. Trying out a bunch of skin care products has given me the beginning of my facial hassles: zits,dry patchy skin and all that! But last year, I met a Korean friend, Spring. And she introduced some products from the Face Shop which I could use at the moment because I was having terrible acne because I was trying out stuff.

I first tried TFS's  line for acne prone skin, the Clean Face line. I tried the cleansers and moisturizers but I didn't really like them. They simple didn't perform. Then I found out about a mild soap for acne, ACNE AID (which is available at Mercury Drug stores and Watson's) which healed my pimples and has taken care of my skin so well! I've been using it for more than half a year already! I might blog about it next time. :) One problem I encountered was drying skin because the soap was trying to heal my acne by preventing your skin to be oily. So Spring gave me this  moisturizer, I used the "testers" which are tiny tiny bottles of samples. I had the toner and the moisturizer. I loved it the first time I used it!


TFS says:

"Arsainte Eco Therapy Extreme-Moisture Daily Moisturizer
SKIN TYPEAll Skin Type
BRAND LINEArsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme-Moisture
Everything starts with moisture. Certified by ECOCERT.
  • A Daily moisturizer the strengthens skins moisture retention
  • Using olive ingredient it makes a fine even barrier on the skin making the skin soft with moisture
  • Ceramide and Lecithin ingredients balances the oil and moisture in skin
How to use:
After using extreme moisture serum pump an appropriate amount and spread evenly to the skin."

This is the perfect moisturizer for all skin types! If you're oily, you still need a moisturizer, this one works! If your skin's dry of course this is perfect.

What I like:

  • Its formulation is light and not thick. 
  • Doesn't give you a greasy face yet works moisture on skin.
  • Smell's so nice! Very lightly scented!
  • Very good on easily irritated and sensitive skin because it sure is lightly formulated and won't give you zits or anything
  • it actually also evens out skin tone, I notice :)
  • Korean skin glow (yee!)
I realized that skin, esp on the face, needs very very gentle products. I mean I know that there are products advertised out there that are "heavy" on chemicals and stuff which are very noticeable. I recently used a product, a very famous facial care brand, and it just automatically gave me zits after I used the "miracle anti aging" cream. I mean I know that it'll happen but I gave it another try and wala, it just again ruined my routine !

So here is a photo of me with this moisturizer ( I actually put more moisturizer at night just to let it sit on my skin overnight, but still, it doesn't look greasy)

What I also like about this is that it makes your pores appear smaller or even disappear if you have a better  skin (than mine because mine is not really that nice haha).If I may add, I think it gives you that Korean skin feel. That better skin that they have haha! In my opinion lang. By the way, Im on my second bottle already. One bottle lasts me almost a year! Promise. ;)

I got this for a cheaper price than TFS stores in malls. P600.00 lang! If you want to order, contact me. :) 


  1. do you think you can send me a picture of the ingredients? i have super super sensitive skin and after reading your review i really want to buy this. Thanks for the review.

    sent it to


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