My Bestfriend: NATZ

Today I'm featuring my bestfriend, Natz! We've been friends since college and until now, through thick and thin, we're still partners in crime. She gave birth to a cute baby boy, Tavy who is now 3 months old. And that so far,was the toughest time in her life, and I'm just so happy and proud to have been a part of that special moment of her life. 

Back in college, she was from Dubai and was a real freshie not only at school but in Manila. During first year, we taught her everything about the culture here. From bond paper sizes, to eating street foods and learning Tagalog, we shared those funny moments together. Never did I know that we will be super friends til now and I praise God for that. 

Last March, days before she gave birth to Tavs, me and Carlo (our photographer super friend) did a photoshoot with her at LaMesa Ecopark and we really had a great time. I did her hair and makeup!

Love you besh!!!!


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