Alright! Another Monday post! :)

Last Friday was my good friend's sister's wedding. And I was very glad to had been a part of it. I did her sister's (and two others') make up together with my makeup artist friend, Alyssa.  My good friend YanYan Garcia was also there to help us out with hairstyling. ;)

The venue for prep was at Stonehouse, E.Rod. We were there super early (sorry Aly and Yanyan) because i thought we were gonna do 8 people but it was ok naman to be early. It only took us less than 4hours to do everything but Alyssa and I stayed til 2pm for retouching.

Sobrang init lang that day! We didnt do the make up in a room instead we were in an open sala. So we felt the hot afternoon sun!

Here are the pictures from last Friday's wedding prep. All photo credits to Alyssa,  thanks for bringing along your awesome cam!

This is Yas, an African girl from France. She looks stunning! Yanyan did her makaeup ;) 

Hair by Yanyan,makeup by Alyssa

The sister of the groom. I did her makeup.

My good friend Tini! :) I did her makeup. Very simple look, by request.

Doydoy looked so stunning! Ganda! Hair by Yanyan, makeup by Alyssa

Tinan, Tini's twin sister. :) I did her makeup. Simple but a bit dramatic look lang.

The sisters!

This is Alyssa from

We were tired but this had been a blessing! to God be the glory!


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