the list goes on...

and so I have been writing. and the list goes on...

Since there's nothing make up related going on these days (except that I got a call from a photographer, yehey! will be praying about it for next week's shoot..please Lord! apparently for a magazine shoot!! :))
I think i can post some of these things Ive been writing in my drawbook.
Oh well, I have been thinking, do I really know myself that well? I mean like, have u ever had those moments when u got surprised by what u found out about yourself? Something you thought you couldnt do but youve actually done, well, pretty nicely? You know, things like those. I have been writing and I have already used up like four pages! I want to continue writing and this time I've been like thinking about my philosophies, what I got inside my head (cos I think most of them are pretty out of this world, or not really but, hmm, different!).

Well, I guess imma cheat, I'm not writing everything down here, just because I'm normally introverted, I keep things to myself. But ahm, for your entertainment here they are: 

  • I love pastries more than anything. being stuck in an island with them is awesomest!My nickname's after it: JO (Jorelli) and PAY (tinapay)! Haha.
  • Having said that, I've a sweet tooth!
  • I hate rats. yyyyuuuucccckkk as hhheellll!!!! (well that's overacting,but they give me goosies!)
  • I'm not a gamer. I suck at video games, consoles, OL games and arcade. just so u know where to appropriately date me.
  • I'm slow at logic. i think i am. yeah, I am!
  • I got two types of burns I got when I was a kid, and theyre both on my right hand/arm: from flat iron and boiling oil. Oh man!
  • I'm bad at names. I can call you any name I think is more appropriate for you. 
  • I love pastel colors.
  • I had straight hair when I was a kid, and growing up, may hair slowly became curly or something
  • I only use one specific brand of soap-dove. Im a dove girl and I love it! yeah!
  • I sing.
  • I dance. 
  • I act. badly.
  • I love bananas! Best creation!
  • I love face painting!
  • I love cats. :) I have had 2. The first one died.awww.
  • I react weirdly whenever Im in small rooms.
  • I'm good at imagining.
  • Ive a strong  recall of memories through scents or smells
  • Comfort over style,. Minsan na lang ang tiis- ganda.
  • I write italicized letters.
  • My right hand joint clicks.
  • I don't know my blood type.
  • I like guys' hands. haha. Manly hands.
  • I love vanilla!
  • I'm calm.mostly.
  • I didnt become a fan of vampire movies.
  • I don't really swear (curse). sometimes lang.
  • My shoe size is 9-10. But sometimes smaller sizes fit.
  • I love my skin color. Im morena!
  • Shave or wax? Hmm for the longest time shave but im thinking about trying waxing. I know Im so late!
  • I wish I had a mis of Filipino-European blood. #Wishfulthinkin
  • I love make up!
  • I can draw.
  • I don't easily get mad. What's the point?
More to come! haha. 


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