Oryt, so it's Tuesday and the weather has just been better than yesterday! yesterday,the whole city (country) was totally caught in the middle of a whirlwind! Okay. So this blog entry is gonna be about Youtube, yes, in particular, some of my Youtube make-up guru-favorites.

When I graduated  in college, I was like, "which road do I really wanna take?" It just felt like most of  my friends,batchmates knew which art form they wanted to take and went ahead, right on, pushed forward and now they do what they like doin. As for me, my priorities were soo different. Honestly, for me, i just want to provide for the family and it's kindof okay to just do a little artsy stuff. Til now, it's been still quite the same for me.

But last year, I got interested in make-up. When i was a student, all i knew was focus on my studies and not on myself- i mean I didn't glam up or spend money on makin myself look good. All i knew was that I had to focus on studying and spend my little money on everything school related. After I graduated, I at least bought a bit of make up and other things. But little did I know that I would later have the interest to pursue it. At least, little by little.

So for those people who want to pursue it, we know that it is an expensive hobby, as I want to call it now, but it is fulfilling. I realized that I've always wanted  to make people happy, and to girls, one way to be happy is to put make up on, and shop for that matter. haha. Okay, so finally, I actually have taught my hands to paint again, this time not on canvas but on a livin canvas! I got more excited seeing my friends who have already established themselves in this industry. I got to connect to them again and what made me happier is their support. They told me it's a nice thing to do and it also can be my full time job if Id really want to push through.

Youtube has been a part of my studying make up for the longest time. I got encouragements, knowledge,inspirations from people who use YT to teach make up. So it was last year when I started searching for YT gurus as they are usually  called and I am amazed at how vast and big of learning and support we can get through YT and the internet. I learned that many people who make it to this industry need not study make up, but they are are just basically artistic and creative. I thought then that I cannot gain a place in this industry without any background in a make up school, which is very expensive I cant afford. Michelle Phan who has gained so much popularity all over the world through YT has studied Fine Arts like me, but never really did study in a make up school. I mean the training of the hands with the brushes, we gain in FArts school in 4 years! It's just that the medium is now make up or pigments or eyeshadows than paints,watercolor and others then.

I wish to share the Youtube gurus that have helped me and I still watch til now over YT.

1. Michelle Phan

2. Pixiwoo

3. Pixi2woo

4. Lisa Eldridge

5. Kandee Johnson

6. MissChievous

7. MakeUpGeekTV

8. Xteeener

9. MakeupbyTiffanyD

10. MakeupbyRenRen

11. ItsJudyTime

12. Colorismyweapon (Noe Mae)

13. Maricarl Janah

14. Promise Phan

15. BubzBeauty

16. MissJessicaHarlow

17. Julie

18. Xsparkage

19. Lilithedarkmoon (hairstyles)

So there, I think i may have watched or still watch some few others I might no tbe able to put all of them here. There are definitely tonsssss as in a lot of Youtube people who have fun putting make up on,filming themselves and sharin it with youtube viewers. Why do i watch them? Because it's fun! And i learn about make up brands and other products, etc. I also read beauty blogs where I usually get a lot of info bout new products out there.

I personally have been planning on making make up/inspiring youtube show for the girls out there. But i need to prepare a lot of things for that. I cant afford a camera or a lighting equipment as of now, so  maybe later on. Thanks to Noe of Colorismyweapon and Janah of Makeup by Janz for the inspiration.

Check out these cool Youtube people and definitely check more out! Youtube is a fun website to explore and it's makin me proud to see more Filipinos doin their stuff over YT and get quite millions of fans! Bow! haha.

Have a great Tuesday, always remember L-O-V-E. There can't be any better than LOVE. God loves you!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13


  1. I love love love them, too! Your fave YT beauty gurus are my faves and inspirations too. Michelle Phan and Pixiwoo are definitely on my top list as well. Nice blog. I followed you sis! I like it. Hope you follow me din haha! :)

  2. hey! thanks! i did na. Yes they are great gurus. I wish us FIlipinas from the Philippines could gain a spot over Youtube in the future too! :) I wish to meet you in person sis! :) hopefully! :) Have a great Day. God made us beautiful inside out, let us love Him with it! :)

  3. The very first person I watched and LEARNED from was Kandee Johnson. I still watch her to this day. Then I found Makeupgeek and pixiwoo. I love them so much! They have inspired me to do videos too. Good luck on your journey Jorelli. I know sometimes it feels frustrating when you don't know exactly where you're heading, but everything happens for a reason. I've been there, and all I can say is trust in God and be strong.

  4. Janah super thank you. We will surprise you guys na lang when we already have videos to post, thanks so much for the inspiration. It feels so great to have people who support you. ;)

    God has a wonderful plan to everyone, i believe in His great promise in Jeremiah 29:11.
    We are to follow GOd's heart and will and i believe it has to do with using the gifts He gave us to worship Him and make Him happy.

    Continue to shine Janah! :)


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