I was supposed to post this a few weeks back but i totally forgot about it (well im actually forgetful now).

The first picture has these products: EVER Bilena Pro Foundation Powder, Stick/Cream foundation in Cream, Asian Secrets and my weekly staple, IWHite Whitening Mask. 
I bought the Ever bilena stick foundation and powder because I see Noe (Colorismyweapon) and Jannah (Makeup byJanz) use them a lot in their videos. I got interested and been eyein them for a while til i finally bought it a month ago. They dont cost a lot, the stick foundation is P165 and the powder foundation is only P140 i guess. I used it for a client the last time, and it looks nice on her. 

Coffee wearing Ever Bilena's stick foundation. Looks so flawless!
Last Saturday was my first time visiting Metro (Ayala) department store in Market!Market!. It's a typical department store, but there are a lot of good buys! Cheap ones but are also raved about in the internet. One thing Ive been looking for is the Monea CPR spray, it's a heat protectant spray, and it's cheap. I got if P98.
I saw LA COlors lipglosses there but I guess they've run out of stocks, there were a few left. So i got the clear gloss one, for only P60. I tried it out and it stays! 

Have tried CPR twice I guess it makes my hair look glossy, together with a bit of my Loreal Hair Serum. Nice product.

I also got intrigued with the hair curlers I saw there. I guess they were the cheapest electric hair curlers Ive seen ever! I forgot the product name, but i guess the other one's name was Professional. So they are white curling irons, and they iron part itself is longer than VS or Conair's. Here's a picture i got from the net: 

This is the same thing I saw over at Metro. It's only P799! I tried in on Joey's hair, i was with her when we saw these curlers, and it heated up fast. The temperature can be adjusted til 210 degrees C. amazingly it did a good job. I wanna buy this product! The other one has a slimmer tube/iron but i only tried this exact same thing. It has a korean name printed on the handle i guess it's made in Korea. haha. But anyway these are great finds.

So that's it for the new products I featured! :)


  1. I'm glad you finally got the Ever Bilena products. You won't regret it! :)

  2. yes Jana thanks to you girls :) will try more!

  3. Where can I buy the Monea CPR revitalizing spray?


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