Yey, finally another entry! haha. So last Saturday, I got to meet new friends and my friends online at Purebeauty Serendra. The three awesome ladies (two of them are from Cebu) went here to Manila for the Dollface event of course with Pearl, Dollface owner.
MaricarlJannah, Noe, Teena

fun pretty ladies!

Jannah (MakeupbyJanz) and Noe Mae (Colorismyweapon) are both from Cebu who flew all the way here to meet us. Teena (AngKikayKo) is definitely from Manila she's studying at CSB at the moment. So for all of you who don't have an idea who these people are, well they are women who do make up tutorials and other videos on Youtube and three of a few Filipinas who do make up tutorials (well). haha

The whole afternoon was full of fun and tawanan! We were all surprised how short (but sssooo gorgeous) Noe is. I mean i guess she gets that comment all the time! And I personally was also surprised to see how tall Janna is! I thought she was a bit of an average girl (size) you know. But yeah. And Teena, im surprised at how fun you are! :)

So I got to meet a few other girls, who are subscribed and following these three ladies too. Im supposed to get pictures but my camera went out of battery too soon so awww for me. But anyway, some of them live very near lang, and the others a bit far. But Im excited to do videos and photoshoots with them. :)

It was a great experience I'd like to thank Dollface COsmetics for doin all these. And to the three gorgeous ladies, continue to inspire more Filipinas!


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