PARTY makeup

Last Saturday, I was able to play with makeup for I had a bit of time. I was inspired by Kim K's picture: 

I already used this lip color before haha but I didn't do the eyes this dark. So last weekend I decided to get inspiration from this picture. It looks like a very flirty make up for me, I'm not really sure if the look fit me? What do you think?

I always feel that my lips are not fit for darker lip colors.

I'll update this post, will take pictures of the products I used. Mainly, I used a gift from a friend, a Channel eyeshadow quad for the eyes. For the lips I used my 66 lip color palette from Dollface.

Ciao! GOd be glorified!
Happy Monday! :))


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    1. good morning! ang gandang bati sa umaga! I miss you! youre so busy naman! :) make-upan tayo soonnn!!


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