What a weekend! I missed having a very fruitful weekend like what I just had.

Okay so Saturday, I was at the ahm, a seminar for selected QC high school students. So basically, less than a hundred students. They're all graduating, they're all goin to college. I was attending this same seminar before, about 8 years ago, a long time ago, and I remembered the feeling I had way back, the moment I stood in front of the students Saturday morning. I was like, 'this is how it was for us'. So yeah, I was supposed to talk about SUCCESS. Success, like for me, I guess, that is bein able to graduate, have a very nice job, earn money, period. I haven't passed through the workin girl stage. So I thought I really can't tell much. Actually, the minute i got the topic I was supposed to talk about, I couldn't think of anything else best to share but God's grace and my life in the Lord.

So there I was, Friday, preparing for it. Had been praying about it days before as well. Friday I did a powerpoint presentation, merely having few words.

I learned something, definitely.
I figured some things out about myself.
This is a center for EXCELLENCE...And I was here. Yeah.
I am made excellently by God and for God
My life is a gift from God. My responsibility is to live it well. 

A few slides, a few pictures, and a worship background music. I thought I needed that. :)
I finished the speech, just highlighting God's work in my life. Through college, I wasn't really sure about what course to take, we didn't have enough money, I needed scholarships from school and the government, I needed help from friends, there were a lot of discouragements that came along the way. But in all those, God's grace pushed me. By the grace of God I was able to graduate. God used people for me to able to pay tuition fees, for me to be able to do my thesis because somebody lent me her laptop at the time I needed it most. This was my message.

I prayed for everything. Even for the professors' moods to be calm durin class. I laid hands and prayed for every plate (how we call our artworks in class) I would submit that they'd get nice grades. How I prayed for my classmates that they too will get high grades. God hears us. He does.

I thought I needed to pray for the young, excellent kids I was talking to. With the help of my sister in Christ, Ruby and former classmate at Centrex, we prayed for the students, also sang the song 'Who Am I' by Casting Crowns. And I believe that they had been touched by the Lord that they because many of them were crying as we prayed. We were blessed to have Dr. Mila San Juan, the principal of San Francisco High School. She has been looking for speakers for the students of SFHS and I guess we're having more opportunities to share our testimonies, which is really excellent because I have been praying that the Lord use my speaking abilities He has blessed me with to share to more people! :) Happy happy!

I was happy seeing my former Centrex classmates who have been my very good friends ever since, Ruby,Paul John, Jai and Kelvin. Sila ang successful working guys not me! haha.

I gave out 5 Our Daily Journals (like the book  Our Daily Bread) and twas so much fun to see them very  excited bout having the books.

I might not be successful, financially or in havin a career, but the Lord saved me,  made me who I am, the best way He can, He restored me, and helped me out. that to me is success. that to me is victory. I am victorious with Jesus!

Saturday night, we had a truly wonderful worship as we practiced, the music team. Blessed!


Wonderful morning service about financial wealth. :) Afterwards I did make up on two high school ladies who were gonna have their JS prom. Loved it!


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


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