Brushes are the most important tools for artists, especially make up artists! As important is keeping them clean, very clean, sanitized.

I've found a variety of ways in cleaning up used make up brushes:

  • Olive oil and water with a bit of liquid soap
  • Even used Pantene nature care shampoo and water (by the way, it's really good for thorough cleaning, keeps bristles soft!)

These ones I used to do a lot with my brushes. But deep cleaning your brushes often is not always good for the brushes:
  • they shed hairs often
  • not good for the glue that holds the brushes together to be always wet 
I've never bought any expensive product to clean  my brushes, I know Mac does one so as other high end cosmetic companies..

Goin back.. :)
So spot cleaning is a better way to quick-clean your brushes and sanitize them. I've always been wanting to buy PARIAN SPIRIT BRUSH CLEANSER, available at Suesh Trinoma, but they're a bit pricey for me. P800 for a big bottle, but I'm sure it's gonna last long enough.

Then I came across this:


I got from The Basement Academy, Megaplaza Bldg Ortigas.

Price: P300 (only!)

I like it:
- because it really does clean the brushes well
- true to its name, quick dryin
- keeps bristles soft
- less fall out (hair shedding)
- not pricey!
- one spritz cleans eyeshadow brushes well na (a few more for bigger brushes)

I don't like it:
- Because the scent  is strong! It's citrus and it's strong. If youre way too sensitive, you might not like using it. It's almost like a car freshener (eww)
- Because of the size, I wish it comes in a bigger size

One good point though, I guess it's matipid because Ive already used it a couple of times and look, it still has a lot inside. So, Im all positive about this product. It's really important kasi to not only clean your brushes but to really sanitize them meaning no germs, no bacteria before we store them.

I once watched a video from Wayne Goss, a makeup artist in UK and a Youtube guru that he uses a 99% alcohol for his brushes. I don't know where I can buy that in Manila. haha. If you know where let me know I want to use it too. :)

There! I guess this cleanser, overall is a good steal for only P300 pesos.

God bless you more!


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