Bloggers' Bazaar

Yey! Last Saturday, I went to the Fort,Treston College for the Bloggers' United Bazaar. I met a lot of bloggers, but especially, one of my faves, Liz Lanuzo of! I went to her booth, the Ferretti booth and of course took some pics. She even gave me a freebie! Thanks to Ferretti for givin me a free pass!

This is Ms. Liz Lanuzo 

I know Camille Co's blog (she wasnt there though)

nice fashion finds

stylish shoes and accessories on this side!

the bones thang was striking!

more bones!

and more boneeeesss!

likey this necklace 


more accessories!! cute ones on the lower right

Lory's for only P100! I bought the Snake Oil variant

buy 2 get 1..but i didnt buy even 1! hehe

grabe i love the hats!

the girls from TOmato gave me a freebie

A freebie from TOmato : bracelet

Liz sings! wooo!

mga artista (i dont know the guy's name haha)

I believe this is Loraine Uy in blouse with sequins

Look! My friends from LHS,Kerra & Cha

Miss Prieto 

The bazaar was a success! There were freebies, raffle draws, and games, I actually joined Ferretti's debate contest. And oh, I was able to buy a grey blouse for only P150 and another one for me sister for onlt P50. I couldnt spend much though! I was just a little sad because there weren't many cosmetics, all were fashion related.

It was a fun Saturday I had though :)


  1. .is there anything for men?? i wish i could have been there as well...haha.


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