my 1st TRAIN CASE!

Yehey finally!!! My first traincase! We were walking along Trinoma last Wednesday and we bumped into Suesh, I was really supposed to buy lip sealer. Then we saw this huge traincase on sale, 50% slashed off the original price! It's nice because it's their biggest, plus it has wheels (trolley type) which is good. Though im not sure about space, I guess as I keep collecting, i might need an even bigger one. 

Here's how it looks like: 

i already stacked my stuff here, and honestly, I dont have a lot of make up yet, but the traincase has already been super full. Awww. I dont know if it's a sad thing, but still, well...hmm. haha. I guess i still need to bring other organizer bags for the hair equipment and other stuff. This is still a good steal though. I pray that next year be a better year, I might need to buy a bigger case. Praise God for this gift. :)


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