It's becoming warmer, or the weather gets so unpredictable. Climate change baby! So what now? I see a lot of campaigns, like the 'Go Green' ones; malls having a 'no plastic bag day' on certain days of the week (well i was once asked to pay P2.50 just to put my stuff in a plastic bag coz if not i'd end up holding 'em with both hands and leave looking crazy). Also, our garbage has not been collected well? why? I guess because we never learn to segregate them! haha. Or the collector doesnt want 'em wrapped in plastic,like HELLOO!!!! what should we wrap them with,PAPER???

Speaking of paper, I appreciate the efforts of some food chains which try to lessen the use of plastics:

(I dont usually eat fast food, only when I CRAVE! haha!)

So yeah, thanks MangDonalds and KePC for using better stuff to wrap your not-so-healthy processed foods. I eat them at times at least they're edible. Haha! (Like just now I had KePC chicken burjer and macaroni). 

I just think that it's okay, I mean these campaigns. Not only fast food chains are trying their best to create a greener world,ey! Also beauty stalls I know, where I buy make up use paper wrappers such as Etude House and Tony Moly. (will try to buy again to get photos haha)

Love Earth! 


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