I dont usually celebrate my birthday,grand, but I can say that even though I didn't spend a lot for treating out my family and friends, this year's was a blast!

- had 118 greetings on Facebook! All of them are my friends, or people I know,at least.
- family cooked for me spaghetti.carbonara and chicken! :)
- Hitutor Krispy Kreme and BBcream gifts
- had a wonderful bonding with Lars,Revs and Eugene, me artsy girlfriends!
- Church greetings and coffee treat by Tita Ella (Abby and Sheena)
- Was able to raket make up so I got myself some new additions to my small kit
- Can i include the Starworld blessing as an advance bday gift?
- Centrex peeps planned banapple treat but i wasnt able to attend. Anyway, the greetings and the thought are better!
- JFCancio treated me pancit malabon and canton in the office!
- Ice cream treat for Joyland

Yehey! Praise God for the wonderful relationships i have and the time I can still spend with them!


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