Being a make-up artist, I don't only care about putting make up on, what matters more is skin care. I personally don't use a lot of products on my face. I am blessed not to have pimples (anymore) or easily break out or something. Though I used to have troubles managing my skin,especially on my face. I used to have discoloration (which i still have now but they've become lesser).

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I've also tried a lot of products before, not the pricey ones though. I just noticed that my combination-oily skin reacts to different products, especially to soaps or cleansers. I tried using POND'S facial cleansers before but it's drying out my skin. Finally Ive found out that DOVE works better on my skin. Doesnt dry it out,gives it more moisture.

I've also tried Maxipeel Creams before,which worked but I did not continue using it anymore.

(from the net)

Eskinol cleanser (astringent as they call it here) worked for me,the     whitening one.

For moisturizers, Olay total Effects worked well for my skin. Since my skin is makulit, there was a time when it didnt work for me anymore.

There are a lot of products out there for us to try. Maybe for me,the pricey ones might work but I cant afford spending thousands for beauty regimens.

So I have tried researching natural ways to maintain good skin. For a few months now, I have been clingin on olive oil and oat meal as part of my regimen.

Olive Oil removes make up and moisturizes my face.  I also use it for shaving (i dont think i need to take pictures of me shavin mah legs LOL). After I take away make up, I use Dove soap to cleanse. Finally here is what works for me now to maintain supple, lighter looking skin: 


 So I wash my face with oatmeal and woahla! 

I just think that the products i used way back helped heal my skin. I dont have perfect skin, just so u know but I can say that it's improved and putting on make up now is truly easier because I have a better looking canvass.

Aside from the oatmeal,olive oil regimen, I also find Maybelline BBcream good as a make up foundation,base and moisturizer. Since I started using it maybe more than 6 months ago, i noticed that my skin looks fairer now. Also,it gives a certain glow to my face whenever I put make up on. I've finished 3 bottles, and Im running out again,need to repurchase. I also use this on clients with make up primer to give a nice glow and it never failed me!

Working til late at night makes my skin so dehydrated and very dull looking. So I also drink lots of water. Many women swear that water is also a beauty secret! >.<

So there! Again, Im not saying I have perfect skin or these stuff will work for you, I just think that it's been working out for me and if u want to try them then I don't think there's something wrong with that. After all they are natural (Oatmeal and Olive oil). 

Go ahead! Make your own beauty steps and share them with me ah? :)


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