FOOOODDD TTRRRIIIPPPP!!! My major food trip! as in! Haha. It happened last August 15-17 in Bacolod and thanks to Kuya Bong, our churchmate :) who treated us as spoiled guests! Finally I got to Bacolod with 3 of my girlfriends, and the trip made us fatter! hahaha! But twas really nice, I mean I haven't still, gotten over the experience! Drool over the following photos of food we ate! hahaha. Just kidding!

We totally appreciate Tito Bong's generosity. Sobra! He toured us around tapos we went to Mambukaw Resort. May lake and rivers napakaganda (ill come back for the whole sight of the 7 rivers which we didnt get to see).

Behind them is the sulfur pond. Au naturele!

Lunch at Mambukao Resort

The Original chicken Inasal is found in Bacolod! Soo namit! 

tabatchoy at Calea's cakes. Sarap there! sweet tooth place talga!

At an old house

Happy tito Bong!

The Taj Mahal of Negros! "The Ruins"

With the famous tour guide Roger

at Felicia's Cafe
Will definitely come back to Bacolod for the Mascara festival maybe next year! :) A great place for foodies!


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