Wedding Gig with Ate Charis!

Our first June wedding! (and twas on June first!)
It was my first time working with H&Mua Charis Torres and I had fun working and bonding with her and our hairstylist Odey ;) huge shoutout to them!

The Bride was Rochelle and it was Ate Cha who did her airbrush. I was able to do 6 of the entourage.  Im not really happy with the photos I got because I only used my phone as well as the lighting was urgh very undesirable. (the photos are kinda snapped super quick so pardon me , I really didn't wanna take photos for documentation). For journalin purposes Id still just pop em all in here. ;) 

The church was at Malate Church (we really weren't needed there) but we did prep (and stayed haha) at Pearl Garden Hotel near Mabini street Manila. 

Praise and thanks be to God! 


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