My MDA Experience!

Summer 2013 has not yet been about beaches or swimming. The last part of the season was filled with busyness in 'school' and church and makeup! woot woot!

I had the opportunity, the blessing to be a part of  Makeup Design Academy's Module 1 Program Scholarship last May 6-24. Thanks to Tita Len Fermin she introduced me to MDA and helped me in the program.

Our instructor was Sir Glenn. He taught us makeup of the ages, foundations in makeup and the business of makeup artistry.

I enjoyed the class! I loved the lessons about creating different looks: from the 40's to present.
I am especially thankful to Sir Glenn and the whole MDA for givin me the favor of still finishing the course though I was away for 4 days for the last part of the training. I was still able to join them for the final photoshoot.

Materials were provided, but limited. So I also opted on bringin some of my stuff esp brushes.

Here are the photos I have from the classes:
Day 1
We did color charts. Lessons on color wheel and color combinations. I remember my first year in CFAD haha!

Day 2
No Makeup Makeup
This is Esther Grace, a 16 y/o student who was with me. 

Day 2
Day Makeup
I used Lime Green on her lids and I toned it down with some warm browns. Fresh!

This was Esther's makeup on me :)

Day 3
Evening Makeup
I loved doing this make up! Smokey and a bit dark. This is Daisy. 

And this was her makeup on me! 

Day 4
Intro to Bridal Makeup. We learned 3 bridal looks: Natural, Romantic and Dramatic. For natural bridal makeup, Lisa was my model. She has skin problems due to acne. Some have left marks on her skin. I was able to cover it up and correct the blemishes. 

Day 5
Romantic Bridal Look. Here's Maria. Colors I used on her are pinks and peaches.

Day 6
Dramatic Bridal Look. This is Golda. All of us love her as a model. haha. I was happy she modeled for me for this look. Ive always wanted to try this. It's a bit of a smokey but for me, I added a touch of Arabian makeup to it. I used violet, magenta and combined it with golds. Though not very seen here (cos I used my phone lang) I was happy with it. Also I was commended by Sir Glenn. :) Praise God.

Day 7
Mature Makeup. It's also an interesting topic about makeup. How can we enhance mature skin through makeup? This is Esther's mom. I was the one who demo'ed the makeup.

She had age spots (very eminent) and they were brown patches all over her skin causing her to have discolorations and uneven skintone. 

Day 8
History of Makeup. This is 30's makeup. We were taught how to block brows with Spirit Gum and glue. Fun!

 Day 9

50's Makeup. I was already making up for the days I would be away. So I was doing two makeup looks everyday.

This one was Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup. I had to review Lisa Eldridge's  Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup Look video on youtube just because I love how she did it and how she explained the history of Monroe's makeup.

Esther's makeup on me

60s Makeup. This is Twiggy inspired. This was the second look I did for that day. My, my hands were all tired and sweaty na. :( Light almost faded brows, liner on crease and fake bottom lashes. 

Day 10
70s makeup. It's the cat-eye makeup. Light brows, perfect cateye,red lips. Love this look on her! heavy on contour. 

Fierce Golda! :)

May 24, Friday: FINALS! 
Before I went to Baguio for the MRCP Conference, I was  already preparing things Id need for the finals. As always, I treat circumstances like this (comparing my thesis) as a real-life stuff, once in a lifetime opportunity to make it as real and perfect as it can be. I already bought tools, materials I didnt use to have before the classes started for the final photoshoot. 

Blessed, I have Monarica, my dear friend model for me. She was the first person who I thought about getting as my model. Though I tried searching for other models, it still went back to her. Thanks to Benz my college friend who introduced her to me! Cheers and a huge shoutout to these two! ;) 

Photos c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

Photo c/o Benz Alonzo

We wont be able to work silently together! We would always laugh and laugh!! haha

There were 3 looks for the finals: Bridal, Smokey Eye,Avante Garde (flower design). 
Our photographer was Ms. Maela. Good thing she also allowed Benz to shoot with her ;)

Photo credits to Benz Alonzo of An amazing artist, photographer! You should check her out too!

Look 1: Romantic Bridal

Look 2: Smokey eyes

Look 3: Flower Design


ala Tuesday Vargas!

All the glory to God!
Now Im just waiting for my certificate and the folio pics.
I thank the Lord for this opportunity. I am now a certified MDA graduate!


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