November in pictures

I skipped November!! I know! A lot went on this month, as in a lot! And I have not been blogging about it? So unfair haha. But yeah, ups and downs happened but Im good and I thank God for everything! 

So I just decided on giving you a glimpse of November in pictures as well. I had my haircut last month but I have not been taking much pictures haha because it was a pain at first! I lost a bit of confidence because I didnt know how to style it. After a month and so it grew longer and now it's better. I was really having a bit of trouble styling at first. Since im not a fan of hair wax, I never wanted to use it. But since my hair's short there was a time earlier this month when I forced myself to use it to style my stubborn hair.

I changed polishes and tried on designs  like ombre nails, some flowers and hearts! I purchased some new shades from the Face shop (purple) and LA colors (blue and the yellow-orange toned one). 

During the halloween, I received a gift from Tita Mari, a good friend and my former boss's wife. She sent me Mary Kaye's Rouge lippie. It's really nice! ;) 

I also lost my phone (late last month) so i havent been able to take much pictures for blogging. :(

Anyway, also this month I had a wedding to host. I also sang a few songs. It was at Tagaytay (Villa Ibarra) and I was with ate Pitchy and her family. I had a great time doing emceeing again ;) I missed it!

I also started doing gigs,though invitational. Met new friends and opened new chances for me to sing and evangelize. 

Last Sunday was this quarter's praise Night at Church.  Had fun singing for the Lord again!

What else? New rakets for December: I have a wedding gig on December 3, and February 28's booked! Yey. Kahit sobrang busy, thank God daming blessings!


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